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CO103: Effective Presentation

Enhance your PowerPoint Slides


Look for credible images with licenses that allow their use. Remember you will need to identify author/owner, publishing date and title of image. If you cannot find enough information to cite an image, locate a more credible image. 
                   Creative Commons (easy and convenient access to search services to the following independent organizations)


  • Library cd collection located on the upper level of the library. Only download 1 audio file per cd (academic purposes only)
  • iTunes, Amazon or other online music store (purchase individual song titles for small fee)


Always cite media that is incorporated into your slide presentation. 

PPT Workshop

Check out these PowerPoint Tools

PowerPoint Slide Tips

  • Bulleted Points
  • Design vs Decorate
  • Select one background
  • No more than 3 fonts (Titles, bulleted points, Citations) 
  • No animation
  • Contrast background with font color
  • Balance slide
  • Check spelling and grammar