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EL221: Introduction to Drama/Theatre

Enhance your PowerPoint Slides

Looking for images

First try the Credo Reference or scan images from a reference book or periodical.

A scanner is located on the upper level of the library. Press the scan button on the scanner and a wizard will walk you through the scan process. 

For more generic images try Microsoft images, Google images or Flickr (creative commons).

Important!!! Cite sources of all media that is incorporated into your slide presentation. You do not have to cite images or media used from Microsoft office.


Can I hyperlink to a page or file?

Of course, hyperlinking to a web page  will save file space and avoid copyright infringement.

PowerPoint Tips

  • Bulleted Points
  • Select images to enhance presentation
  • Select one background
  • No more than 3 fonts (Titles, bulleted points, Citations) 
  • Avoid animation
  • Contrast background with font color
  • Design vs. Decorate
  • Balance slide
  • Check spelling and grammar

Checklist for Day of Presentation

  1. Portable drive (USB)
  2. Notecards
  3. Visuals/Handouts
  4. Clicker (checkout at library circulation desk)
  5. Appropriate Attire


3 Steps - Adding Video

1. Find file converter (

2. Convert to accepted PPT video file format (MPEG-4AVC or .mp4)

3.Insert and trim video in PPT slide

Check out these PowerPoint Tools