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HU201: Survey of the Human Adventure

Day of Presentation

Checklist (with recommendations):

1. Speech document in binder/notecards

a. Plastic sheet covers

b. Mark document with slide changes

2. PowerPoint file

a. Save on portable flash drive/Cloud storage

b. Run/test slideshow prior to presentation

3. Poster Board (or other visual aids)

4. Presentation clicker (on loan at library circulation desk)

5. Handouts (print in grayscale)

6. Professional Attire

Organizing Presentation Slides

Suggestions for a PowerPoint Slide Show:

  1. Title slide
  2. Introduction
    • Identify creative and focused topic
    • Addresses revelant aspects of topic
  3. Research Findings
    • Present in-depth information
    • Credible sources
    • Various points of view
    • Provide clarity through examples, illustrations or graphs 
  4. Conclusion
    • States logical conclusion based on findings
  5. Works Cited slide
  6. Media Cited slide

Presentation Tips

  • You are the presentation
  • Plan on paper before start PPT slides
  • What's your message?
  • Start with big picture, narrow to 3 -4 points Know your audience
  • Visuals backup key points
  • Practice
  • Edit aggressively
  • Never read slides
  • Never go over time
  • Dress appropriately
  • Do not look at screen

Group Presentation Tips

  • Everyone knows the big picture
  • Think through process before planning presentation materials (i.e agree upon an engaging opener)
  • Consider having one editor (standarize fonts, backgrounds)
  • Create transition between speakers
  • Team leader do introductions
  • Pre-plan a question moderator

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