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HU201: Survey of the Human Adventure

The Human Spark

"Our ancestors had shared the planet with other human species, but after what we are calling the Human Spark, there was only us, with unprecedented power over our environment and everything else alive. What makes us unique?"

Mesopotamia: I Have Conquered the River (59:00)

NOVA: Secrets of Stonehenge Assignment

Video is on reserve at the library circulation desk.

Directions:   Respond to the questions in full sentences and good paragraph form.   Be specific.

1.  What do scholars know about the ancient people who built Stonehenge? 

2.  What are some of the details you learned about the structure of Stonehenge which make it, as the narrator says, "an engineering marvel?"

3.  What are the different theories among scholars as to how Stonehenge was built?

4.  What did Stonehenge mean to the people who built it?  In other words, how did it connect to their belief system?  (Be specific.  Their rituals?  Beliefs about death?  Symbolism of wood?  Symbolism of stone?   Meaning of the alignment of the stones with the summer and winter solstices?)

5.  What did you find most interesting in the video, and why?