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HU201: Survey of the Human Adventure

Oedipus the King (120:00)



The Greek Awakening: Art from the 5th Century BC


Respond to the questions in full sentences and good paragraph form.   Be specific.

1.  The Parthenon was built during the Golden Age of Athens, the era that gave birth to Western ideals of beauty, science, art, and democracy.  In what ways does the Parthenon reflect those ideals?

2.  How did the Ancient Greeks show their understanding of optical illusion in the design of the Parthenon?

3.  Why is it significant that the leader of Athens, Pericles, brought the question of whether to build the Parthenon to a vote by the citizens of Athens?  Why is it significant that the expenditures on the construction were made public?

4.   What did you find most interesting in the video, and why?