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HU201: Survey of the Human Adventure

Formatting a Media Citation Slide

Media citations should be placed on a slide(s) at the end of your presentation. Label the slide Media Citations.

 Media Citations

Slide 1 (Example of Digital Image of Painting)

Rousseau, Henri. The Ship in the Storm. 1896. Painting.

      Musee de l'Orangerie, Paris. Web. 8 Aug. 2006.

Slide 2 (Example of Music)

Beethoven, Ludwig van. The 9 Symphonies. Perf. NBC 

      Symphony Orchestra. Cond. ArturoToscanini. RCA, 2003. CD.

Slide 3 (Example of personal photograph)

Sunset, New London, CT. Photograph by Regina Ewing. 15 Oct 2015.


Citation Tools

MLA - On the Web

MLA Handbook

The OWL web site is an excellent resource, but not all examples are represented.  You may be referred to the print version, which is available upon request at the Library Service Desk.