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HU201: Survey of the Human Adventure

Cultural Events: Required Attendance

Students are required to attend the following 3 events. Transportation is the responsibility of the student.
Note: If there is a valid reason why a student cannot attend 1 of the events below, the student must meet with the instructor prior to the event for approval of an alternate assignment.


1. Saturday, Oct. 21, 7 PM - Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra, Garde Arts Center, State Street, New London, CT. 

2. TBA, Macbeth, Flock Theatre Production, Mitchell College
    Fri.,Sat. Sun., Nov 10,11,12, - Almost, Maine
, Mitchell College Drama Society, Mitchell College


3. TBA, Make We Joy, Flock Theatre, Mitchell College 

Reflection Paper

Students must submit a 2 page reflection paper on each event attended.

  1. Identify the venue & artist(s)
  2. Describe the event/program including historical background and present day
  3. Describe your reaction to the event/program.
  4. Describe how the event reflects what you are learning in class.