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Free black & white printing is available from all library computers. 

Printing from personal laptops to library printers is also possible.  Initial setup is required; please ask library staff for assistance.

Color printing is also available - free prints are limited to 20 per day ($1 per page for additional prints).


Scanning is available at one library workstation on the upper level.  This can be used to print copies for free to the library's printers.  While not as speedy as the coin-operated copier, it is a free and easy alternative. 

The scanner can also be used to create .pdf and .jpg files that can then be saved and shared.  This is a higher quality (and free) alternative to faxing.


Coin-operated photocopying is available in the library on the main floor.  Copies are double sided and cost 10 cents per side.

Staff and faculty should access the photocopier next door in the Bond House.

NEW! Tape Binding

Bind your documents for easy organization, distribution, and a professional look.  Ask library staff for assistance.


Library supplies include staplers, paperclips, scissors, and hole punchers for use at the main desk.

Tape binding and laminating is also available for a fee of $1 per item.  Binding and laminating equipment can also be used free of charge by providing your own supplies.


Scanning to email and sharing electronically is the preferred method for most and the library staff is happy to show you how. 

Faxing is also available for $1 per page.  Please visit the library to speak with staff.