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ES340: Science & Public Policy


This guide was created in collaboration with Professor Dan Kresge during spring 2020.  

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Case Study: Greenskies Solar Project in Waterford, CT


In 2018, Greenskies LLC petitioned for the installation of a solar facility at 117 Oil Mill Road in Waterford, CT.  Upon review of the proposal, concerns were expressed about the environmental impact of this installation.  Specifically, the forest clearing required and the subsequent stormwater runoff management needs were believed to be underestimated in the project design plan.

In 2020, Greenskies endeavored to resubmit its petition to the Connecticut Siting Council for consideration.  Greenskies believes that it has incorporated sufficient adjustments to account for stormwater runoff and mitigate impact on surrounding properties and protected areas.  Local concerns persist as the nearby East Lyme Solar Farm (also established by Greenskies) continues to impact the community.

Cornucopian or Environmentalist?