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PE222: Personal and Community Health

MS PowerPoint Tutorials

Check out these PowerPoint Tools

PowerPoint Tips

  • Bulleted Points
  • Select high or medium resolution images
  • Consistency of style
    • No more than 3 fonts
    • Do not mix clip art with photos
  • Avoid animation
  • Contrast background with font color
  • Balance slide
  • Check spelling and grammar


Enhance your PowerPoint Slides

Looking for digital media collections? 

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

NIH Image Gallery (Flickr)

Creative Commons 

Wikimedia Commons                               

Microsoft image downloads


Other options include:  

  • Google images(Check licensing)
  • Scanning images from reference book or periodical (scanner located on the upper level of the library)  
  • Hyperlink to a webpage (save file space and avoid copyright infringement)

Cite media that is incorporated into your slide presentation.

Preparing Slides for Final Presentation

Step 1: Package for CD

Use this tool to ensure that your multimedia files will play and  that your fonts will be true. You will be able to run your powerpoint slides on any computer, even computers without Microsoft Office.

Step 2: Save packaged folder to flash drive.

Remember to keep a backup copy on cloud storage (Mitchell Skye drive, Google drive, Dropbox)

Step 3: Test the file on your flash drive.


Video Tools in PowerPoint 2013

If the insert online video does not work, try the developer tool method (see below).

Video Converter

If media file comes out grainy, try another similar video or change  video output on program to .avi or mp4.

Try Something New!