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Off-Campus Access

To access Mitchell College resources from off-campus, enter your last name and patron barcode on the back of your ID card. You will be prompted after clicking on the resource.


Find Journal Titles

Found a citation and want the full-text article? Search across Mitchell College's subscriptions for occurances of the publication title in your citation to find out which databases host that title full-text, and the dates of coverage.

Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar to find scholarly articles on the Web.

Google Scholar Search

Image Databases

The Metropolitan Museum of Art provides images of nearly 400,000 of its works for educational use. Search its online collection by artist, sculptor, culture of origin, date or location of origin, location or material, or simply browse. The collection contains images of an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, carvings, textiles and more. 


The Art Gallery at Yale University was founded in 1832 and has grown from around 100 paintings to more than 200,000 objects representing cultures of both the eastern and western hemispheres. Explore images of clothing, furniture, paintings, photographs, prints and drawings, and coins and medals from regions and artists that range from ancient times to today.

The J. Paul Getty Museum provides access to thousands of images of artwork for download and use free of charge in papers and presentations. Browse the collection by type, theme, or artist name. The collection includes drawings, textiles, furniture, architecture, photographs, sculpture, paintings and more. 

The National Gallery of Art's digital repository contains more than 42,000 open access images that are free to download, share and use in projects and papers. Its smaller browseable collection is only a sliver of its searchable images. Explore by keyword, artist, title of the work, year created and origin in the Advanced Search section.


General Article Databases

Alphabetical list of databases in Mitchell College's subscription that host articles in periodicals (scholarly journals, magazines, trade publications, etc.).

News Sources