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Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial

Mitchell College is marking the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth with a series of special programs. This guide was created to support study and further awareness of the life and legacy of Lincoln and their transforming effect on U.S. history.

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is an amazing resource for accessing original sources on the web!

Additional Resources

Abraham Lincoln Association

The Abraham Lincoln Association was founded in 1908.  The purpose of the Association is stated as follows on its web site (www. 

"The purpose of The Abraham Lincoln Association is to observe each anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, to preserve and make more accessible the landmarks associated with his life, and actively to encourage, promote, and aid the collection and dissemination of authentic information regarding all phases of his life and career."

Lincoln Centennial Banquet 1909

 This photo was taken at the Lincoln Centennial celebration banquet held on February 12, 1909.

Civil War

Slavery and Civil Rights