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CO103: Effective Presentation

Spring 2018 -Live Speaker Event(s)

Attorney Panel

Wednesday, Feb 7 at 7PM - Weller Center 

Six attorneys with practices ranging from advisory service to the World Health Organization to how Title IX impacts colleges gather for a panel discussion on their areas of law and career trajectories.

  • Carl Coleman, professor at Seton Hall Law School; 
  • Gail Coleman, appellate attorney with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; 
  • Linda Mariani of Mariani Reck and Lane, partner, divorce litigation, family law, personal injury litigation;  
  • Jonathan Orleans of Pullman and Comley, chair of Labor and Employment Law; 
  • Erick Russell of Pullman and Comley, practicing in Government Finance Department; 
  • Mark Yost, senior counsel in the Division of Enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Wednesday, March 21 at 1:00PM - Clarke Center Stage

Devanand Janki  - Founder of Bingham Camp Theater Retreat -  Broadway Workshop

Monday, March 26 at 5:30PM - Clarke Center

Allison Messier - Mezzo-Soprano - Vocal Master class

Tuesday, March 27 at 7PM - Weller Center

Sam Gejdenson '68 - From MItchell to Congress:Overcoming Adversity and Pursuing Justice

National Society of Leadership and Success

Spring 2018 – Telecast Presentations

Weller Center at 7PM

Tuesday, Feb 27 - Kathryn Minshew is the CEO & Founder of, author of "The New Rules of Work,"  and an Operating Partner at XFactor Ventures.

Tuesday, March 13 - (Cancelled)Scott Hamilton is an Olympic Figure Skating Champion, television broadcaster, philanthropist, motivational speaker, author, husband, father, cancer survivor, and eternal optimist.

Tuesday, March 20 - Thaddeus Bullard is an American wrestler and retired football player. He is heavily involved in charity work with various nonprofit groups,

Students are required to attend 3 outside speaker presentations of their choice.

Follow the syllabus directions for writing the reviews which can be found in your course syllabus. Review are due on the Tuesday following the presentation.

Speaker/Performer Review Criteria

The Tuesday following each event  a 1-2 page type written review (paper copy) is due in class. Emailed reviews are not accepted.
Information required in the 1-2 page paper include the following:
  • Name of speaker, event, topic, location, date and time
  • Brief summary of speech content and the use of presentation aids
  • Comments on the speaker’s integrity, confidence, knowledge and skills