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CO103: Effective Presentation (O'Donnell)

Spring 2020 -Live Speaker Event(s)

Wed. March 11 - 7pm - Red Barn

Hallie Hovey-Murray is a law school graduate, disability advocate, speaker and author. She is the founder and Director of the One in 68 Foundation, which works to help provide college preparatory resources for high-school students on the Autism Spectrum. Hallie has also self-published two books; available on Amazon: a memoir, Overcoming Expectations (which will be re-released in April) and Sadie Goes to School; a children’s book about a students on the Autism Spectrum attending college for the first time. 

Tues. March 31 -  7pm - Red Barn

Nathaniel Philbrick earned a BA in English from Brown University and an MA in America Literature from Duke University,  He was Brown University’s first Intercollegiate All-American sailor in 1978. After working as an editor at Sailing World magazine, he wrote and edited several books about sailing, including The Passionate Sailor, Second Wind, and Yachting: A Parody.

Philbrick is a prolific writer who has received multiple writing awards, including an honorary doctorates from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and Roger Williams University. Philbrick’s writing has appeared in Vanity Fair, The New York Times Book Review, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and The Boston Globe. He has appeared on the Today Show, the Morning Show, Dateline, PBS’s American Experience, C-SPAN, and NPR. 


(Please see instructor privately if you have a legitimate conflict with this event)

National Society of Leadership and Success

Spring 2020 – Telecast Presentations in Weller Center

Tuesday, Feb 18  at 7 PM 

Charlene Li: Leadership expert and New York Times bestselling author

Tuesday, March 10 at 7 PM 

Steve Madden: Business Icon

Tuesday, March 17 at 7 PM 

Zachary Wood: Activist, author and TED speaker

Students are required to attend 2 outside speaker presentations of their choice, one must be a live presentation.

Follow the syllabus directions for writing the reviews which can be found in your course syllabus. Review are due on the Monday following the presentation. 

Speaker/Performer Review Criteria

The Monday following each event  a 1-2 page type written review (paper copy) is due in class. Emailed reviews are not accepted.
Information required in the 1-2 page paper include the following:
  • Name of speaker, event, topic, location, date and time
  • Brief summary of speech content and the use of presentation aids
  • Comments on the speaker’s integrity, confidence, knowledge and skills