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Faculty/Staff Systems Homepage

A guide to faculty and staff resources at Mitchell College.


Office 365 logoMicrosoft Office365 includes Outlook email, online versions of Office apps, and OneDrive file sharing.  Reset your password through the Office365 Portal.

Mobile Email Setup

Setup Mitchell Email for Mobile. 

Check email daily to stay current with the latest announcements and student messages.

Add Mitchell email as a mail account on your mobile device.  

Settings you need (devices vary):

Mail type: Exchange


Username: Mitchell email address

Email: Mitchell email address

Domain: mitchell.local

Free Learning Platforms

Collaborate in Office 365. Brings together people, content and tools. Share, create, edit, communicate and plan together.

File Sharing

Already setup through your Mitchell network account.
Must make files public to share with Mitchell students.
Integrated with Office365 (Word, PowerPoint, etc.).


library logoContact us.  The library staff provides individualized support for all the tools on this guide.