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Faculty/Staff Systems Homepage

A guide to faculty and staff resources at Mitchell College.

The Basics

Library staff support is available to assist with blended & hybrid learning strategies. 

Contact us anytime.

Webcams, iPads and laptops can be borrowed from the library.

Free Zoom accounts allow for unlimited one-on-one meetings.  Licensed Zoom accounts must be authorized by the Academic Affairs Office and activated by OIT.

Moodle/Open LMS allows for online discussion forums, online assignment submission, and more.  

Hybrid Classroom Strategies

Zooming & Presenting in a Hybrid Learning Environment

  • Webcams are available from the library if your classroom does not have one.  Don't have time?  Connect to audio-only with the classroom phone or your own mobile device.
  • Start your Zoom meeting and then screen share from the Zoom meeting so that those in the classroom and those learning remotely can view your screen at the same time.

Small Group Discussion

  • If one student is learning remotely, consider connecting a mobile device to the Zoom meeting from within your classroom (iPads are available from the library if needed) so that the group can interact with the remote student.  To eliminate audio feedback in the classroom, you must disconnect the instructor workstation's Zoom connection from audio (this is an option on the menu next to the Zoom mute button).  Muting yourself will not resolve this issue on its own.
  • If more than one student is learning remotely, consider placing remote learners in a Zoom breakout room together.  This eliminates the need for extra devices and allows them to have a private space for conversation.  Bring them back to the main Zoom room when you are ready.

Suggested Reading


library logoContact us.  The library staff provides individualized support for all the tools on this guide.

IT Support

For account & password questions:

Mitchell College OIT 860-701-5190,