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Social Activism Toolkit: A Guide to "Finding Your Inner Activist"

Discovery of the "Inner Activist"

The social activism theme lends itself particularly well to creatively supporting within the first year experience a grounding in the arts and sciences, which is the hallmark of a liberal education; and an understanding of the essential connections that may be made within and among all disciplines.  Moreover, it presents an important opportunity to foster among students an appreciation of the rights and responsibilities of living within a democratic society.  As such, it lays the foundation and offers the tools to turn deep rooted passion for a cause into responsible activism.  Further, this Toolbox might be tapped into by other FIGs in support of the themes of Entertainment/Music, Crime Scene Investigation, and Sports. 

You will find centralized in this guide information resources and sources for co-curricular and service learning opportunities relating to support of curriculum, and guidance for incorporating into any class within the First Year College ideas for developing activist oriented thinking, for helping each student to discover her/his own  “inner activist.” Included is information relating to experiences that students may take in off-campus, giving them opportunities to explore the richness of culture and history in downtown New London.   Related to their exploration is the hope that students will gain confidence in becoming independently directed.  In that spirit, the guide includes information on advantaging the schedule for the SEAT bus that runs on Montauk and Ocean Avenues to and from the downtown transportation center, as well as other local transportation options.